See How the Ford F-150 is Winter Ready

As winter approaches, all of us should be ready when it comes. With the right vehicle, you can be and the Ford F-150 is among the trucks that are primed to perform when it cold and snowy out with quality capability for all in Sheboygan and beyond!

The Ford F-150 comes in many different styles and options, which includes all-wheel drive and 4x4 choices, which are standouts in winter, especially on snowy and icy roads. When you pair the F-150 with a good set of snow tires, you're going to be plenty confident that it will keep you firmly gripped, and get you where you need to be as you safely navigate winter weather. Along with that, the F-150 still is a capable hauler, and with class-leading towing and payload, you can load up the truck bed in winter to get supplies to where they need to be. There's also the ability to upfit your F-150 for plowing if you have a long driveway and you plow it on your own, adding that extra layer of versatility in the winter.

Inside you're also going to find a comfortable cabin with features that are winter-ready like heated front seats to warm you up, and climate control so you and your passengers can set the right temperature for you while driving through Port Washington, Manitowoc, and Plymouth. If you'd like to learn more, we'd be happy to provide all the details and showcase the F-150 in greater detail so you can see how it performs in winter, and during all seasons here at Dick Brantmeier Ford Lincoln Kia while also showcasing current current new Ford offers and incentives so you can take advantage of quality pricing on a new F-150.

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